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Pulled Apart By Horses – Demos

Rarely has the name of a band been so fitting. The stuff these guys play is every bit as gruesome and stomach churning as the name suggests… but in a totally good way. After first seeing them play live just the other day i’ve been listening to this set of demos pretty obsessively and it’s great to see that they can harness the incredible energy of the live set into their studio recordings. This rough set of demos is a pretty good introduction to the band, with the rawness of their sound displayed pretty evidently. These guys remind of Mudhoney quite a bit but then have breakdowns that sound something like Rage Against the Machine as well some awesomely raw vocals. The drummer also had the best beard ever when I saw them, which is a definite bonus.
I leave you with a video that should give you some idea of their awesome live set.


Cats and Cats and Cats – Victorialand

Meow. Cats and Cats and Cats are a 5 piece who formed at Uni. They play high tempo mathy power pop but also mix it in with some shimering dreamy elements, which give this EP a nice balance between fast and slow, almost verging on post rock at times. This band have been around for a while, this EP was released in 2005 and they have yet to really break through so I think it’s safe to say that they might just stay as a well kept secret.Cats And Cats And Cats - Victorialand

Show Review: Future Of The Left, Pulled Apart By Horses, The Joy Formidable @ Clwb Ifor Bach, 25/05/09.


This night almost didn’t happen. My buddy Matt phoned just as I was leaving telling me the gig was sold out, which didn’t really surprise me considering the following that FOTL have. I went down anyway and we managed to get ourselves on the guestlist, in exchange for taking some equipment in that we didn’t ever end up doing.

With the money we saved, we went to the bar next door and got a few drinks before going in to catch The Joy Formidable, who I was pretty impressed by. Although I had never listened to this lot before, I had heard numerous comparisons to bands like Sky Larkin, which I would definitely agree with. The Joy Formidable play uptempo indie rock pop songs that seem to soar and soar before ending as quickly as they begin. Some might argue that they’re a bit one dimensional but I thoroughly enjoyed their set.

The Joy Formidable

We then moved downstairs to see a band I’ve been following for a while without ever really getting into. Pulled Apart By Horses are a hardcore band from Leeds who I have always thought might have taken their name from the Radiohead song now known as ‘Reckoner’, someone might have to confirm this to me though. Regardless of the origins of the name, I was not disappointed by this band, who were absolutely incredible. Even with the lack of a stage, Pulled Apart By Horses play with such energy that it’s impossible not to get sucked in to the atmosphere that they create, seriously, these guys laugh in the face of health and safety and spent a decent amount of the set flailing about the crowd, standing on chairs and climbing up the walls, all whilst creating a truly impressive amount of noise. The band are clearly all pretty proficient musicians, yet avoid the pitfall of many similar bands who prioritise shredding over actual music. Instead, PABH manage to infuse their technical playing with awesome songs. Expect to see some in a future post.

Pulled Apart By Horses

And there’s me looking pretty impressed and wearing red.

We went out for a quick smoke before moving back upstairs to see the headliners Future Of The Left. Being a massive Mclusky fan, I have followed this lot since their inception but had never seen them live so I was really excited for their set. The club was as full as I’ve ever seen it and their was a real sense of expectation as the band took to the stage.

Future Of The Left

The band opened with a visceral Arming Erirtrea and then went on to play a ridiculously energetic set of material from both Curses and the new record. The raw passion that they play with is mindblowing and the crowd duly responded. I have often read how much the band hates people downloading their music and this was confirmed when Andy sneered “You people must have been downloading” when everyone went apeshit for the new songs, which I thought was a bit of a silly comment to make. Clearly the crowd was made up of pretty dedicated fans, and I personally don’t understand how bands can complain that a few people are downloading their music if they are also playing to sold out crowds who are clearly having a great time. Each to their own i guess.

Future Of The Left

I’ve read on numerous forums about the band’s crowd interaction and they were on top form, even going as far as handing out apples to the audience and stealing some guy’s hip flask and threatening to hand it the bouncer. They played for at least an hour and ended their set with a chaotic semi stage invasion that was quickly prevented by the bouncers before the band left the stage and wasted no time in climbing about the ceiling and inviting the crowd to play drums at the front of the stage.

Future Of The Left

All in all, this was a show that I am incredibly glad I ended up going to. It’s quite rare that I go to a show and come away genuinely impressed with all the bands I see play but this was definitely true for this show. I remember sitting outside the venue when Future Of The Left had finished pretty much speechless at the sheer intensity of their show. If you ever get the chance to see these guys, then seriously, you have to fucking go.

P.S. I would put up a Future Of The Left album, but as mentioned, the band hates people sharing their work.

The Joy Formidable Myspace
Pulled Apart By Horses Myspace
Future Of The Left Myspace

All the photos are from here.

Teeth Mountain – Teeth Mountain

Teeth Mountain

A load of great acts play with backing bands. Bob Marley had The Wailers, Paul McCartney had the Wings (Maybe not so great), The Happy Mondays had Bez. Dan Deacon has Teeth Mountain. Although these guys have only recently began to gain any kind of recognition, this record is all kinds of awesome and quite different from the electronic stuff that Dan puts out. If you’re into tribal drums and wave after wave of soundscapes then this will definitely be to your liking. This record has a hypnotic quality that I really enjoy and their live show is apparently incredible. Unfortunately they play my city on the eve of my first exam so it looks like i’ll be missing out. See them for me!

P.S. I’m not sure if this is the actual album art.

Salem – Water EP


I personally find it incredibly annoying when a band’s hype seems to override the music. With that in mind, I should pretty much hate Salem. The band has built up some kind of mythical status due to the fact that they’ve played live about twice and have apparently never been photographed. Throw in a couple of EPs that were sold only through a Japanese language website and cult status is pretty much assured. There’s something about this band that I find very interesting though and they’re pretty much like nothing i’ve ever heard before. First off, this EP is dark, both musically and lyrically (the ones you can make out anyway). Salem are basically an electro band playing a crazy mix of dubstep and drone, which sounds pretty bad on paper but is pretty fucking intriguing in reality, almost like the echoes of acts like Burial and Fourtet twisted into something infinitely more complex and ambiguous. They’re on Merok records over here in the UK so I think it’s fair to say they could build up quite a following. A word of warning, I listened to this pretty late at night and kept on checking over my shoulder as if there was someone standing behind me. Make of that what you will.

The Littlest Viking – Labor & Lust

The Littlest Viking

Following on the Algernon Cadwallader post from a few weeks back, here’s another band with a really awesome 90s Midwest sound. Hailing from San Pedro, California, The Littlest Viking are a two piece instrumental band who are clearly incredibly proficient musicans. The guitar playing on this record is absolutely breathtaking in places, seriously, this guy can shred and is also quite reminiscent of Cap’n Jazz, whilst the drums are equally as snappy and tight. The energy in this is quite something and the slower parts of some tracks suggest that there’s another level of this band that we are yet to fully see.

Ringo Deathstarr – Ringo Deathstarr EP

Ringo Deathstarr

SO! As a way of apologising for my lack of posts, here is something totally awesome. Ringo Deathstarr are a band from Austin, Texas who play wonderful, soulful music wrapped up in swathes of feedback and distortion. To say this lot sound sound like My Bloody Valentine is an understatement, but the joy and energy in this EP means that they do it without sounding derivative or cliched. Artists like Wavves have a similar sound and have been getting a load of buzz in the last few months yet have never produced anything as brilliant as this. I can imagine this being really good to play in the car when cruising about in the sun and this is a record that I can imagine soundtracking my Summer. Seriously try this out. Now.


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