Burial & Four Tet – Moth / Wolf Cub 12″

Burial & Four Tet

Like most things concerning Burial, this release has been kept very low key. No artwork, no promo, nothing. Despite this, it sold out on pre-orders alone (due for release on 4th May 2009) which in my opinion is a testament to the exceptional work that both have put out over the years.
The Burial track ‘Moth’ is incredible. A real slow burner laced with soft pulsating synths and an awesome bass line that gives it a real groove.
The Four Tet offering is equally as absorbing and reminiscent of the extended remixes he did for Foals last year.
Seriously good.


1 Response to “Burial & Four Tet – Moth / Wolf Cub 12″”

  1. 1 Kyle May 3, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Hey, that is wierd! Nice blog, I linked your blog on my page if you wanna trade? 🙂

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