Oxford Collapse – Some Wilderness

Oxford Collapse

About 3 months ago I was in a pub with some friends, it was pretty boring so we decided to walk down to the street to check out this tiny little venue down the street. It was only when I found out an unannounced Oxford Collapse had just finished that I remember feeling completely gutted, so I’m determined to see these guys at some point in the future.
Oxford Collapse play skewiff indie rock infused with all manner of sonic oddities, sounding one minute quite conventional and the next experimental and thrashy. This album was put out on the awesome Kanine Records, but the band are now on the even awesome-er Sub Pop, which should hint at their brilliance.
If you feel like trying something a bit different then I would seriously consider trying this out!

p.s. Two awesome blogs added to the blogroll, Shock Mountain and Fingers Become Thumbs. Check them out.


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