Show Review: Black Lips, Mika Miko, Gringo Star @ The Globe + The Invisible @ Buffalo Bar, 17/05/09.


On Sunday I went and saw Black Lips at The Globe in Cardiff.
I met up with two of my friends in the city centre and we got some cans before walking in the rain to the venue. It was the first time I had been to The Globe and it seems like a pretty cool venue with a good size stage and pretty decent sound.

Gringo Star were the first band on and were pretty good. I’ve heard of these guys for a while without ever really listening to them and I was pretty bummed that I didn’t know any of their songs. Gringo Star played an uptempo set of indie rock mixed in with more country and folk sounds and seemed to be pretty well received by the crowd. The vocals were a bit hit and miss but with a bit of work I think they could turn into a really good band.

Gringo Star

Next up were Mika Miko, a band who I had been looking forward to seeing as well posting their album on this blog. I had read stories about their fabled live show but was really let down. On stage, Mika Miko seem almost aware of their own buzz and so don’t really put any attempt whatsoever in playing a good show, instead just wandering the stage trying to look cool, which is fine too an extent but silly when it gets in the way of the performance. Maybe I just saw them on a bad night or whatever, but I was really let down, especially after enjoying their album so much.

mika miko

What I enjoy so much about Black Lips is the way that they cut the bullshit that so many other bands seem to revel in. The band entered without so much as the lights even turning off, catching most of the audience by surprise. They started with Bad Kids, which was cool and then played for about 40 minutes, dipping quite extensively into their back catalogue. The band themselves played awesomely but the crowd were a bit of a let down, maybe because it was a Sunday night. I was expecting an audience to match the high intensity of the band but no one really seemed into it until the last song of the set ‘Juvenile’. For some reason, I have no idea why, the crowd went crazy for this one, culminating in everybody pulling Cole off the stage so he could crowd surf around the venue, which was pretty fun.

black lips

We then decided to walk down the street to ‘afterparty’ at Buffalo Bar. These things are normally quite bad but i’m really glad I went, mainly due to a band I had never heard of before, The Invisible. Arriving just as their set started, we were treated to an absolutely awesome show of spacey atmospheric yet upbeat music, somewhat reminiscent of TV On The Radio. The vocalist was seriously awesome and i’ll try to locate their album somewhere and put it up here, because if they’re anything as good on record as they were live they could be a seriously interesting proposition.

I should point out, none of the photos used in the post are my own and if anyone wants them taken down then don’t hesitate to drop and a comment. Cheers!

Also, sorry for the delays in posting! I had an exam today though and i’ve got a load starting in about 2 weeks, so i’m sure you can understand my lack of free time.


1 Response to “Show Review: Black Lips, Mika Miko, Gringo Star @ The Globe + The Invisible @ Buffalo Bar, 17/05/09.”

  1. 1 talkshowonmute May 22, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Here’s the invisible album

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