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Pinback – Summer In Abaddon

Summer In Abaddon

I downloaded a few Pinback records a couple of weeks ago pretty much on a whim, and i’m so glad I did. First things first, i’m perplexed about how these guys have never gained any kind of widespread success. Pinback play a pretty classic take on indie rock, pretty similar to bands like Death Cab and Modest Mouse but have honed their art to perfection, resulting in songs that are both emotional and joyous as well as reflective and sometimes quite passive and most obviously displayed on this record, which in my opinion is far and away their best. Seriously, if you have any kind of passing interest in “indie rock”, which let’s face it you probably do if you’re reading this blog, then you should download this right away.


Male Bonding – Bratwell Shed Punk Sessions


Remember that PENS post I did right back when I first started this thing? No? That doesn’t matter. If you like PENS then you will probably dig Male Bonding who have a similar-ish sound and are equally as bad ass. Followers of the late RAT: ATT: AGG might be familiar with these, Robin joined after they split up. It’s easy to pick out the Talking Heads and PiL influences throughout these recordings which is nice and they also use a cowbell to pretty great effect, which I always love to hear. I’m well aware that there are a number of similar bands who have attracted a following purely on the hipster factor rather than the music, Male Bonding are significantly better than a number of their contemporaries in the way that they are a genuinely interesting band with songs that actually go some way to justifying the buzz.

Graffiti Island – Demos / Tape Releases

Graffiti Island

This lot are a bit weird. Yeah, the instrumentation sounds nothing out of ordinary, with scuzzy guitars and pounding drums, but then the vocals kick in and you realise you’re listening to band who are just a bit strange. Seemingly fixated on tribal imagery, Graffiti Island play music that you could quite easily soundtracking some low budget 70s horror film where everyone very quickly dies. I’m sure you’ll find your own lyric that you think is great, my personal favourite is “I want a waistcoat made out of human flesh”, yeah, that’s the kind of stuff this band sing about. It’s a bit weird that they’re still pretty great.


I just finished my exams on Friday so naturally i’ve been neglecting this blog a bit. Starting from tomorrow you can expect a whole load of new (and awesome) stuff.

The Microphones – The Glow Pt. 2

The Glow Pt. 2

I’m not going to make a habit of posting ‘classic’ albums because I intend this blog to be mainly for new and more unknown stuff but I felt this was too good to not put up. The amazing thing about this record is how deeply personal and affected it sounds. Phil Elvrum has a voice capable of sounding both lethargic and intensely emotional at the same time and it drives the songs forward, acting as the crux of the band’s sound whilst also allowing space for the instrumentation to shine through whilst never dominating or overpowering. I’ve always thought The Microphones sounded like a polished version of the Mountain Goats which is possibly the closest comparison I can offer. Listen to this from start to finish and I almost guarantee you won’t regret it. An incredible piece of work.

Also, if you’re anal about tags, the album should be tagged as ‘The Glow Pt. 2’ rather than just ‘Glow, Part. 2’ as I believe it is on the download.

Sweep The Leg Johnny – Tomorrow We Will Run Faster


When a band takes their name from The Karate Kid, you can just tell they are going to be pretty damn good. Hailing from Chicago, STLJ were awesome because they played such a unique brand of music, defying pigeon holes and genres throughout their three records. On one hand, the technicality of the instrumentation creates a mathy atmosphere, pretty similar to the likes of Cap’n Jazz. Trumpets and horns will suddenly come in syncopated jazzy bursts before giving way to lurches of guitar and frenzied drums, combining to create a refreshingly different sound and a perfect antidote to most stuff that you probably listen to.

Labirinto РEt̩reo


I’ve tried hard to actually find out about this band a bit more but it seems impossible. Their page is written in Portuguese and a Google search returns nothing. All I know about Labirinto is that they are a post rock band from Brazil who write majestic and incredibly beautiful songs, not a million miles away from Godspeed! but maybe a bit more reflective in sound. These songs reveal themselves more and more on each listen, with a new guitar melody or rhythm peeking through the rich soundscapes, i’m a sucker for this shit.
Also, have you ever heard of a post rock band from Brazil before?


Thanks for checking out Acid Math!

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