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Lovvers – EP


You may remember me posting this band’s EP entitled ‘Think’ a month or so ago, it was pretty sweet right? This was the bands first release and showcases a much rawer and abrasive sound compared to the later releases. I really like this band because of the frenetic quality of their recordings which is shown very prominently on the four tracks on this release. It might hurt yr ears, be careful.


Johnny Foreigner – Feels Like Summer EP

Feels Like Summer

When one of your favourite bands releases a comeback single that is totally awesome then it’s pretty cool. When they release it for free it’s even cooler. That’s just what Johnny Foreigner have done by unleashing this 2 minute blitz of shouty awesomeness on yr ass. Feels Like Summer is quite possibly the most immediate track the band have written and serves as an exciting little taster for the next record, tentatively entitled Grace & The Bigger Picture. Click the artwork and you’ll be taken to a site where you can download the EP which also includes rerecorded versions of Wow. Just Wow and Camp Kelly Calm which are also pretty sick for free, which is quite a good deal if you think about it. I’ve read interviews where the band have stated that they’ll be “financially ruined” if the new record leaks, this is one blog at least where it will not be hosted.

Nerve City- I Fucked Death

Nerve City

The type of jangly surf pop submerged in buckets of distortion that Nerve City plays has suddenly become popular again which is pretty cool because I think it’s awesome. If you’re unfamiliar with it then this 6 track mini album is a pretty good introduction, never getting too weird but remaining uncompromisingly lo fi throughout its duration. It seems that Nerve City play two different types of songs: fast ones and slow ones but when they do it so well who’s complaining? Jason Boyer’s vocals are pretty hard to comprehend as he sneers and spits his way through the songs but I think it adds something cool to the sound of the band.

Also, that’s not the proper artwork but the only images I could find were tiny.

Graffiti Island – Demos / Tape Releases

Graffiti Island

This lot are a bit weird. Yeah, the instrumentation sounds nothing out of ordinary, with scuzzy guitars and pounding drums, but then the vocals kick in and you realise you’re listening to band who are just a bit strange. Seemingly fixated on tribal imagery, Graffiti Island play music that you could quite easily soundtracking some low budget 70s horror film where everyone very quickly dies. I’m sure you’ll find your own lyric that you think is great, my personal favourite is “I want a waistcoat made out of human flesh”, yeah, that’s the kind of stuff this band sing about. It’s a bit weird that they’re still pretty great.

Labirinto РEt̩reo


I’ve tried hard to actually find out about this band a bit more but it seems impossible. Their page is written in Portuguese and a Google search returns nothing. All I know about Labirinto is that they are a post rock band from Brazil who write majestic and incredibly beautiful songs, not a million miles away from Godspeed! but maybe a bit more reflective in sound. These songs reveal themselves more and more on each listen, with a new guitar melody or rhythm peeking through the rich soundscapes, i’m a sucker for this shit.
Also, have you ever heard of a post rock band from Brazil before?

The Big Pink – Too Young To Love

The Big Pink

You’ll be hearing a lot more from these guys soon, i’m convinced they’re going to be huge. After forming at the start of 2008 these guys have managed to build up a fairly large buzz in short time and I can honestly say it’s deserved. The way that these guys mix droning guitars and ambient waves of sound with a glitchy electronic side is really interesting and gives them a sound that is both rooted in the past but also constantly looking forward. Pretty damn exciting.

Champagne Champagne – Stuff

Champagne Champagne

As i’ve mentioned previously, hip hop generally isn’t my thing because 95% of it is overproduced and trite, in my opinion at least. Every now and again though I’ll come across something that I really like for whatever reason, in this case Champagne Champagne. The most obvious comparison would be The Cool Kids who built up quite a following last year after a series of favourable write ups. Champagne Champagne are a two piece comprised of Pearl Dragon and Gajamagic and are just as groovy whilst mixing in live instruments that gives them a sound reminiscent of The Roots at times. They claim to make “whatever music feels good” which should give you a pretty good idea into the nature of these recordings.


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