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Favourite live performances?

So, it’s a Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoons were pretty much created for doing very little so what better to do than compile a list of my favourite live videos from YouTube and post them on my blog? I could go on for a while but to stop things getting boring for everyone i’ve picked 5 of my favourite live videos. If you’ve got any you’d like to share then feel free to leave me a comment.

Radiohead – Lucky. Glastonbury Festival, 1997

I could probably fill this post exclusively with Radiohead videos, but i’m just choosing one. If you’re a fan of Radiohead then you’re probably familiar with their legendary headlining set at Glastonbury Festival over 12 years ago. What makes it even more impressive is that the band have recalled countless times about the massive technical problems they faced due to the relentless rain over the weekend which resulted in their onstage monitors failing. At around the 2:30 mark you can hear Johnny hit a totally bum note, which i’m almost certain must have been due to the fact that he was unable to hear himself playing.This video is literally the sound of a band staring failure in the face, live on stage infront of 70,000 people and somehow managing to triumph before going on to play a set that has gone down in history. Magical…


Battles – Atlas. Later…With Jools Holland, 2007

It’s pretty clear from listening to Mirrored that Battles are pretty innovative as well as technically gifted musicians but it’s only on seeing a live performance of them that you can really begin to appreciate their brilliance. This live video of Atlas shows a band at the peak of their game with each member seemingly having a telepathic understanding of the nuances of the music that they are playing, reacting and adapting to each fluctation and note. Watch the video as a whole and each member seems be in their own little bubble yet somehow fitting perfectly into place to create this performance. Nice fingertapping, too.


At The Drive-in – Arcarsenal. Big Day Out, Sydney, Australia, 2001

I’ve always considered At The Drive-in as a big hairy timebomb that sounds like it could literally explode at any second and this video shows why. The ferocity and energy in this performance is something else and the fact that that Omar can shred whilst doing some crazy splits dance makes it even more impressive. The band famously left the stage halfway through this set to complain about the excessive slamdancing from the crowd which I think is pretty cool. Aggressive dancing never fails to piss me off at gigs.


Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit. Top Of The Pops, 1991.

Anyone who has ever accused Nirvana of selling out should watch this video for proof that they definitely did not. For whatever reason the show’s producers didn’t want the band to play live, only allowing live vocals on the night. In protest the band went about making a total mockery of the performance… Krist plays bass behind his head for much of the song, Kurt sings in a creepy baritone and changes the open line to “Load up on drugs and kill your friends”, take that primetime tv! At a time when record labels tried to flog Nirvana to the masses it good to see that the band were having none of it. If you want an example of ‘sticking it to the man’ then you could do a lot worse than to check this out.


Final Fantasy – This Modern Love. Toronto, 2006.

Hands down the most intricately beautiful piece of music I think i’ve ever heard. Owen Pallet turns This Modern Love into a lush arrangement of looped violins which compliment his fragile voice perfectly. I’m seeing him in a couple of weeks and I can only hope that he plays this, because this version is absolutely incredible.




Before Nathan Williams was in Wavves and got famous by taking drugs and having “meltdowns” he made music under the moniker of TNDRNSS (Tenderness without the vowels). If you’re familiar with Fantastic Magic which Nathan was also in then you’ll be familiar with the sound; Beach Boys inspired garage pop with drawled vocals that characterise much of the two Wavves records. A glance at the page seems to indicate that these demos might have been tagged as unreleased Wavves tracks, which they are not, just to clarify. I was kind of expecting these to be a bit rubbish when I first got hold of them but it turns out that they are actually surprisingly good and easily rival some of the stuff on the two Wavves records.

Male Bonding – Bratwell Shed Punk Sessions


Remember that PENS post I did right back when I first started this thing? No? That doesn’t matter. If you like PENS then you will probably dig Male Bonding who have a similar-ish sound and are equally as bad ass. Followers of the late RAT: ATT: AGG might be familiar with these, Robin joined after they split up. It’s easy to pick out the Talking Heads and PiL influences throughout these recordings which is nice and they also use a cowbell to pretty great effect, which I always love to hear. I’m well aware that there are a number of similar bands who have attracted a following purely on the hipster factor rather than the music, Male Bonding are significantly better than a number of their contemporaries in the way that they are a genuinely interesting band with songs that actually go some way to justifying the buzz.




PENS – Stuff


PENS are a three-piece band consisting of Amelia, Helen and Stef. I don’t really know much about them apart from the fact that they are “Three girls and a £1 microphone”. I first saw this lot supporting Wavves a few months back and they share a vaguely similar sound; with very lo-fi, very underproduced yet catchy pop songs. They’ve released a split tape with Male Bonding and have also toured with Jay Reatard, so they’re definitely associated with some cool people. There’s something endearing about this that I can’t quite put my finger on, maybe it’s the stylophone.

Johnny Foreigner – We Left You Sleeping And Gone Now

We Left You Sleeping And Gone now

I’m sure a few people who happen to stumble across this blog are familiar with Johnny Foreigner. This is their ‘lost’ album, recorded sometime in 2005 before Kelly, their current bassist joined. Something silly like 40 copies were produced by hand so it’s fortunate that it has survived. I’m glad it did, because it’s awesome, even though it sounds as if it was recorded in a cave. Although this is undeniably a bit rough in places, some of it is absolutely stunning and far more mellow than what ended up on ‘Arcs Across the City’ and ‘Waited Up Til’ It Was Light (both great records). If you’re into the 90s Midwest emo scene then you’ll dig this, and the band’s Pavement influences are also pretty apparent. This band are something else live (I think i’ve seen them four times) so check them out if you ever have the chance. Don’t expect them to play any of these songs though!


Thanks for checking out Acid Math!

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