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Johnny Foreigner – Feels Like Summer EP

Feels Like Summer

When one of your favourite bands releases a comeback single that is totally awesome then it’s pretty cool. When they release it for free it’s even cooler. That’s just what Johnny Foreigner have done by unleashing this 2 minute blitz of shouty awesomeness on yr ass. Feels Like Summer is quite possibly the most immediate track the band have written and serves as an exciting little taster for the next record, tentatively entitled Grace & The Bigger Picture. Click the artwork and you’ll be taken to a site where you can download the EP which also includes rerecorded versions of Wow. Just Wow and Camp Kelly Calm which are also pretty sick for free, which is quite a good deal if you think about it. I’ve read interviews where the band have stated that they’ll be “financially ruined” if the new record leaks, this is one blog at least where it will not be hosted.


The Dismemberment Plan – Emergency & I

Emergency & I

If you asked people to name their favourite alt rock band from the 90s it’s pretty safe to say that most would say either Pavement or The Pixies or Radiohead or another band like that. which is totally fair enough because all those groups are awesome. It’s strange though that The Dismemberment Plan never achieved the same level of reverance because in my opinion at least they were just as good. Emergency & I which was the band’s third release is a really special record and one that I have grown to really love since I first heard it. Songs like You Are Invited rank among my favourite songs ever if that’s any kind of quality assurance.

Nerve City- I Fucked Death

Nerve City

The type of jangly surf pop submerged in buckets of distortion that Nerve City plays has suddenly become popular again which is pretty cool because I think it’s awesome. If you’re unfamiliar with it then this 6 track mini album is a pretty good introduction, never getting too weird but remaining uncompromisingly lo fi throughout its duration. It seems that Nerve City play two different types of songs: fast ones and slow ones but when they do it so well who’s complaining? Jason Boyer’s vocals are pretty hard to comprehend as he sneers and spits his way through the songs but I think it adds something cool to the sound of the band.

Also, that’s not the proper artwork but the only images I could find were tiny.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Dandelion Gum

Dandelion Gum

If you like electronic music then there’s a good chance you’ll like Black Moth Super Rainbow. What I like so much about this band and this record specifically is that despite being made solely on electronic instruments it still manages to sound completely natural and organic. I sometimes feel like electronic bands suffer when their art begins to sounds too detatched, though i’m sure it is this very aspect that attracts some people to the genre. Dandelion Gum is a record that whilst not sounding particularly immediate will embed itself in your mind. Soft vocoder vocals wash over pulsing waves of dreamy synths to create a sound that is incredibly psychedelic and hypnotising whilst remaining varied enough to allow for repeated listens. This was also released with pretty much the best packaging i’ve ever seen for a record, coming with a scratch n’ sniff pad amongst other little extras, if anyone has one for sale then hit me up.

Apology #2

So… Just after I vowed to post more I then went on holiday to Greece for a week which obviously meant I wasn’t going to be able to update this blog, my bad.

Anyway, from now on i’m going to make a real effort to post as much as possible.

Thanks for sticking around!

Pinback – Summer In Abaddon

Summer In Abaddon

I downloaded a few Pinback records a couple of weeks ago pretty much on a whim, and i’m so glad I did. First things first, i’m perplexed about how these guys have never gained any kind of widespread success. Pinback play a pretty classic take on indie rock, pretty similar to bands like Death Cab and Modest Mouse but have honed their art to perfection, resulting in songs that are both emotional and joyous as well as reflective and sometimes quite passive and most obviously displayed on this record, which in my opinion is far and away their best. Seriously, if you have any kind of passing interest in “indie rock”, which let’s face it you probably do if you’re reading this blog, then you should download this right away.

Male Bonding – Bratwell Shed Punk Sessions


Remember that PENS post I did right back when I first started this thing? No? That doesn’t matter. If you like PENS then you will probably dig Male Bonding who have a similar-ish sound and are equally as bad ass. Followers of the late RAT: ATT: AGG might be familiar with these, Robin joined after they split up. It’s easy to pick out the Talking Heads and PiL influences throughout these recordings which is nice and they also use a cowbell to pretty great effect, which I always love to hear. I’m well aware that there are a number of similar bands who have attracted a following purely on the hipster factor rather than the music, Male Bonding are significantly better than a number of their contemporaries in the way that they are a genuinely interesting band with songs that actually go some way to justifying the buzz.


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