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Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Broom

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

So, I was walking home today from meeting my friend and these guys came on shuffle on my iPod. I’ve been aware of this band for a number of years, yet never really got into them that much until today, where I listened to both albums as I walked home and realised that they are both pretty damn good. Broom was released in 2005 and is a really cool record of melodic indie rock that although quite twee never veers into the pretentious. I’m kind of quite shocked how this band are still quite unknown because songs like ‘Oregon Girl’ are the types of tracks I could imagine becoming very popular. Oh well, maybe they’ll just stay a secret.


Silver Jews – American Water

American Water

I love Pavement a whole bunch, so it kind of makes sense that I also really like Silver Jews. The band were formed in 1989 by David Berman and featured Stephen Malkmus on a number of albums, including this one. Despite creating solidly brilliant albums throughout their career (they split up earlier this year), American Water is by far my favourite and is perfect for the summer months when the sky is blue and you haven’t got a care in the world. As you would expect from a Pavement related artist, the melodies are consistently breathtaking and the laid back vocals give the record and relaxed feel. Oh yeah, Pitchfork also gave it a 9.9 (!) which although should not be any kind of recommendation probably is.

Telekinesis! – Telekinesis!


With Summer pretty much here, anyone with an interest in melodic indie rock should try this record out. Michael Benjamin Lerner, recording under the name of Telekinesis! has come from pretty much nowhere to put out this LP on Merge Records that I have found to be a really good listen in the past few days. Although there’s nothing particularly original or groundbreaking it, with numerous similarities to acts like The Shins and Death Cab pretty apparent throughout, the gusto and charm of the songs mean that it doesn’t really matter. The sheer joy of songs like ‘Tokyo’ make for an infectious listen and I would bank on this guy building up a bigger fan base by the end of the summer.

The Promise Ring – Nothing Feels Good

The Promise Ring

I’ve blogged a number of times about my love for the great Mid West bands of the mid 90s, and here’s another example. Davey von Bohlen of Cap’n Jazz formed this band in 1995 along with members of None Left Standing and Ceilishrine, in the process writing what in my opinion at least, is a seminal work of the genre. Nothing Feels Good is pretty much the record that introduced ’emo’ to the mainstream and despite never really shifting any significant number of copies has been a huge influence on the genre, which in my opinion has taken a huge turn for the worse over the past few years. Throw away your preconceived notions of what ’emo’ is today when listening to this record, it’s probably pretty different to what you’re expecting.

Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

This has been floating around the depths of the internet for a while but I thought I may as well put it up here as well. Phoenix are a band who have been around for quite a while but have only just started to get the attention that they deserve, with the strong reviews for this record from the likes of Pitchfork and Rolling Stone exposing them to a wider audience, me included. As far as I can make out, Phoenix are possibly the best French ‘band’ ever. Obviously the electronic scene is amazing there but seriously, name me a better ‘real’ French band than Phoenix, it’s impossible. If you’re into Hot Chip then you’ll probably like this, with warm electronic synths combined with live instruments throughout. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is literally the most current sounding record you’ll hear all year and definitely one that i’ll be listening to a lot this summer.

Let’s Wrestle – In Loving Memory Of…

Let's Wrestle

As I mentioned in a previous post, this band played with Vivian Girls about a week after I first listened to them so i’m still yet to see them play live, hopefully i’ll get around to it soon! The only way I can really describe Let’s Wrestle is the closest British equivalent to the slacker rock of bands like Pavement and Nada Surf. Seriously, these guys really do not sound like they give a shit. That’s all part of the charm though because there’s something incredibly appealing about this EP despite the frequently bleak lyrics. There’s a sense of melancholy that runs through this that gives it a really emotive quality and when they sing “Music is my girlfriend, and i’d do anything for her” you’re somehow forced into believing it.

Deerhunter – Rainwater Cassette Exchange

Rainwater Cassette Exchange

So, this is the latest EP from one of my favourite bands of the past six months – Deerhunter.
I listened to Microcastle / Weird Era Cont. a bit obsessively so i’m super glad that they’ve released something new so quickly. I’ve only listened to this about 3 times through so far but it sounds pretty great and very much in the same vein as Microcastle, which can only be a good thing. Deerhunter have always appealed to me because of their use of such awesome melodies that you unearth the more you listen to them, and it’s sounding like this EP will be no different.
P.S. I’m off college today because I was feeling pretty ill last night, i’ll try and post some new stuff throughout the day.


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